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The kopi luwak is from the remote jungle of Sumatra

The kopi luwak is from around of the villages of west Sumatra. Ripe Coffee is eaten by wild civet cat. The scientific name of civet cat called “Paradoxorus”. The civet consumes the ripe coffee at the night and eat cherries, bean and all, chose the finest coffee. While the bean is in the little guy’s stomach, it undergoes chemical treatment and fermentation, the bean finished its journey through the digestive system and exits and collected from the forest floor, and are cleaned. We produce luwak coffee from wild civet cat, generally coffee plantation near the jungle. Of course they are easy to entrance plantation and make unique earthy taste, musty and exotic.

 We are a home industry. It is established on October 12, 2006. We offer to you the unique kopi luwak from “Desa Batang Palupuh” the growth of coffee plantation has Sea Level about 1000mtr up to 1400mtr. We have export to some other countries (large and small quantity) namely, Netherlands, Australia, France, Bali, Taiwan, Canada, Polandia and some other countries which can not be mentioned one by one and of course for tourists who travel in West Sumatra or North Sumatra. We have competitive price, and consider of budget.

 Rafflesia Luwak Coffee is made by traditional process and has good quality (excellent coffee) it is kind of Arabica Coffee.

And it is made as follow:
 It is cleaned and fully sun drying, for max six days It is burnt by cinnamon wood, it takes four to five hours non stop It is roasted in a traditional kitchen to produce the good taste and the aroma of coffee Pounding coffee by mortal stone and wood Keep a long time (without chemical stuff) only the way of process of kopi luwak, this is heritage from our grand mother long time ago. We have authentic certificate from Sucofindo with certificate no. 00583/ACAEAD Come and visit “The house of luwak coffee” in Rafflesia area its taste is truly unique