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why is Luwak coffee so expensive?

civet coffee is also categorized as a type of quality coffee. The point is, the coffee beans are produced by fermentation in the mongoose stomach which mixes with certain enzymes and lasts for 8 - 12 hours so the caffeine content is low because the protein has been decomposed. While quality coffee beans produced from ordinary coffee beans require a fermentation time of around 5-8 years. This time is so fast from the fermentation process that makes civet coffee special and expensive.

 The next reason that makes civet coffee special is of course because it has low acid and caffeine levels. The percentage of caffeine content is around 0.5%, while regular coffee is around 2%. This fact makes civet coffee safe to drink by people with diabetes, ulcers, and heart. The aroma is phenomenal because it is processed with proteolytic enzymes.

 the process of making coffee beans is done manually with the help of mongoose animals, and not with machines. These animals are known to only want to eat the best coffee beans and ignore the coffee beans with the quality below, especially the bad ones. That said, if one tray is given to a mongoose animal in a cage, only 10% - 30% is eaten. So, you can imagine how difficult it is to get coffee beans to make civet coffee.

Even though it is harvesting, there are not many coffee beans produced. For example, from the amount of tons of coffee, only coffee beans produced 100-1000 kg. While the rest will be made into ordinary coffee. You can imagine travelers who get civet coffee beans are very difficult.

Well because mongoose animals are not machines, we cannot force them to process coffee beans. Especially for mongoose, coffee is just a snack or dessert. So don't expect them to eat it heartily. After all, if they want, they only want the best. The way to get it is also unique. They cannot digest seeds with a certain density so that when they come out with dirt, the coffee bean shape is still intact.

Luwak coffee becomes expensive also related to economic law. Little products, undoubted quality, and also made from the best coffee beans make it the target of coffee lovers. For them, sometimes the price does not matter if the coffee that is consumed is satisfying.

In addition, there are also many people who are curious. Want to eat coffee that is digested by mongoose and then released together with dirt. Eit, wait a minute. What actually happened was that the coffee beans were still covered in the outer shell of the coffee which was not destroyed. Thus, coffee beans are not mixed with dirt. And certainly, before processing, coffee beans are washed repeatedly, dried, roasted, and then can be enjoyed in a cup of coffee.